Be true to the ingredients, be true to the process, be true to your roots, be distinct!

- Bryan Nails, Executive Chef

About Us

DistinctTaste was established with a true understanding that while good food can be accomplished when good ingredients are compiled together and prepared using a good recipe, Exceptional food…foods with a distinct taste, require many more (fixins’) ingredients that aren’t listed on the recipe. 

DistinctTaste’s Chefs are skilled at planning, preparing, and nurturing food to perfection in such a way that every dish, every crumb, every morsel is Distinctly seasoned, Distinctly delicious, Distinctly exceptional.  This is because DistinctTaste was born from the skilled hands of a grandmother (Nana) who mastered "made from scratch" everyday meals, Sunday dinners and holiday feasts, so deliciously that friends, family, and neighbors alike, called on her to share her unique skills and recipes.  These recipes, her labors of love, were passed down from a mother to her children, and are now in the hands of a 3rd generation skilled artisan, Executive Chef and Owner Bryan Nails.  Chef, as he is lovingly called by friends and family, is able to bring life to food and events by easily channeling the grandeur of the modern era and combining it with the opulence of the contemporary, creating an eclectic combination of exceptional foods and sophisticated events that are sure to please a diverse pilate.





 "Let Food Be Thy Medicine And Medicine Be Thy Food"  -Jess C. Scott